About us

We’re HALLOWEEN CRAZY! And obviously you are too!
At Halloween Stockholm, we offer professional and unique Halloween props and decor from the USA for rent. We’ve been collecting for over 20 years (yes, there’s a Halloween-crazed American amongst us). Whether you are having a home party or a big event, we’ve got a variety of items to help create a really great scary atmosphere. We’ve got a variety of props, from child-friendly to adult scary.
We’ve been doing Halloween forever and absolutely love it! We have expert designers to help you create within your space and budget, and offer lots of extra tips (for free) so you can max out your Halloween experience.
You can either pick stuff up and do-it-yourself, or hire our designers to come check out your space, design, transport, decorate, tear down.
We also have lighting, smoke, speakers, large wall coverings, actors, and specialty scares if you want to go ALL the way.
Please don't be SCARED to pick up the phone! We’re friendly and would love to hear about your Halloween plans! 0733443557 (English och daily svenska) or email scream@halloweenstockholm.com
Are you scared yet!!